August 25, 2010

my favourite poem ever


In grade seven my humanities teacher was mad keen on poetry. I had never had much experience with poems but I actually quite enjoyed it. We studied different poems as a class, had to pick three (of our choice) for personal reflection and write four of our own. On one particular, very hyperactive day, me and my friend Tegan wrote a ballad together. We wrote the whole thing while giggling uncontrollably and we finished it in about ten minutes. Here it is, in its 'I was immaturely written by thirteen year olds' glory.

One day Percy woke up in Mississippi,
He had a mandarin and spat out all the pippies.
He walked towards his beauty parlour,
Then he said, "Oh my, where's my koala?"

He searched high and low, near and far,
Then he plopped into his crimson car.
He turned around to look at the backseat,
To his surprise he said "Holy Sheet!"

And there unveiled by the bright light,
He turned and saw his childhood kite.
Though he was happy to see this again,
He needed to find his Koala, Pen.

So then he looked below his tyre,
And said, "Far out, light me on fire!"
Because there in front of his big blue eyes,
Was his koala, Penny, his ultimate prize.

Did you enjoy it? I know you did! This poem is permanently memorised in my brain and I love that. Every now and then I recite it just because I can. Reading back on it now, it's not bad for a bit of grade seven work. Tegan and I wrote another ballad in grade eight about Ned Kelly, but lost that one, but I can assure you it was brilliant. Then last year on the bus coming back from a school excursion we attempted at another one but that was a fail.

I think the best thing about this poem is it makes me smile. It brings back happy memories and it still makes me giggle, four years later.

August 22, 2010



It's pretty ace how everyone sounds different. Wiki answers, or whatever that pathetic thing is called, tells me that there are 100 accents in the world. I beg to differ! I'm not going to bother counting but there would be at least a couple of thousand. Every country has their own accent, and then each area within that country, and then each town within that area.When I was younger I never really had a concept of accents, except that my friends mum was South African and it always sounded funny when she said "please". Then when I was seven my family moved to New Zealand. Boy, was that a culture shock.

Everyone's voices sounded a lot heavier in general in New Zealand, but most of all, VERY different to mine. I can remember my innocent little self wondering why I all of sudden sounded very high pitched and why my voice seemed to rise at the end of every sentence. Neither Australian or New Zealand accents sound particularly charming, but I can't decide which I like best. Kiwi's sound rough, and Aussie's sound bogan. We only lived in NZ for ten months, until we returned back to Australia but I still (apparently) managed to pick up an accent. Every time we go back for a holiday, I always start talking like my extended family, which puts an 'ey' at the end of every sentence. "Nice day, ey?"

My favourite accent was always definitely Irish, especially after hearing the six year old Irish girl Becky call up a demolition company and ask them to blow up her school. I think the Irish have the fantastic ability to sound cheerful even if they a bearing the worst news possible. Now, however I am falling more for the English tones, probably thanks to my obsession with Charlie. I could seriously just listen to his voice ALL day. I think I myself yould like to sound English like one day, but I can't really imagine it. Maybe I'll just have to marry an Englishman. I'm Australian and I'm okay with sounding a bit bogan-y.

I reckon accents follow us wherever we go. I suppose they're an indicator of where we've come from and where we've been. I like the sound of that.

August 12, 2010

bits and bobs

Sadly this picture does not belong to me. But it could, I have the same shoes and camera!

About a month ago I was completely stuck for ideas for what to write about here. So, as I usually do, I went to Facebook for answers. These were the replies: cathedrals, Lady Gaga, soccer, (this was at the time of the World Cup), the Young Entrepreneurs Challenge and something that is interesting and would be good to read. So, here I begin!

Cathedrals... don't awfully mean that much to me. Yes, the historical ones in Europe I'm sure are rather nice, but I have always thought that a church should be about the people not the building - because God is the same no matter where you are.

My opinion of Lady Gaga changes quite regularly, and I am currently over her completely, (sorry Roee!). I think she is talented in what she does, and what she wears - but it makes me sad that she sold out to the commercial industry. I know this is what you must mostly always do to be successful, but I would much prefer everybody to just stay individual to themselves.

Soccer = a rather boring sport. But that is not really even saying anything because I hate all sport. Yes, laugh at the non-jock! I did not watch any of the World Cup, but was relatively happy that Spain won. I swear in soccer the highest score any team will ever get is 10, but it beats football/rugby/any other excuse for males to feel each other up.

I don't feel it necessary to explain about the Young Entrepreneurs Challenge - as pretty much everyone reading this would already know about it. It was a lot of fun and taught me HEAPS, my favourite of which is how to pronounce this expression :o ...Which is - Hohhhhhhhh. (It helps if you inhale as you say it).

So there we are, excuse the randomness! To prevent the repetition of equally crappy blog posts please leave a comment of what you'd like to see here. One thing I just HAVE to share with you is charlieissocoollike! Charlie McDonnell is 'an English teen with YouTube who likes your face" and I am in love with him. You should love him too!

August 9, 2010

harry potter > twilight

Everything is > Twilight. I have not ever even touched it, and I refuse to. The only way I've come close to it is watching these insanely funny Alex Reads Twilight  videos. Vampires are completely ridiculous and Twilight is just a pathetic and soppy love story about a needy girl who's obsessed with some moody git. Fascinating. Not. I don't care that I haven't read it; in fact, I'm proud of it. Wizards are far more interesting than any vampire will ever be. The characters in Harry Potter actually have intellect and use that to fight against one of the worst (literary) evil villains ever.

I love Harry Potter. Well not actually him himself, but the story. If I could only read one series of books for the rest of my life - that would be it, hands down. The reason that Harry Potter is so great is because yes, they are wizards - but it’s the thought and imagination that has gone into every single detail printed in the seven books that make it spectacular. There are some details that exist that aren’t even in the books! Even though they live in this magical world they are still normal human beings that we can (kind of) relate to. Oh, I love it. The other day I was just thinking that what if there is a secret wizarding world out there and I'm just some ignorant muggle? It nearly made me cry!

My opinions on characters change every time I read the books. Fred and George will probably always take the cake, because they are frankly just too awesome. Hermione drives me up the wall, which is probably a bad thing because somewhere deep down I think I am awfully similar to her. I want to punch Draco in the face, and then feel very confused when I see hot pictures of Tom Felton. And finally, Luna Lovegood, is one of my definite favourites because she is just herself and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Twilight just is no comparison at all to Harry Potter. You might think this is an invalid argument because I have not read it, but parts of it I have heard of and the first film were enough to turn me off. The whole fad thing is irritating also; Robert Pattinson: who even cares? Last week I was watching Goblet of Fire and cried when Harry and Cedric came back from the graveyard, and then was like "Oh no! Why am I crying over Robert Pattinson?"

Harry Potter is amazing. Twilight is not. What do you think?