October 24, 2010

the week that was


I had one of those weeks were I barely went to school at all. Usually this is thrilling because there are endless opportunities for time wasting. Alas, this was no holiday. I was completely ready to head off to school on Monday morning when I realised that I felt like the plague. After sleeping all day I thought myself to be fully recovered and toddled off to party training with Sarah. The next morning my over confidence and wish to go (I like Tuesday's) got me through a cheat sheet for an essay about Asia, till I ran to Mum and asked her to bring me home.

Sleep and One Tree Hill were predominantly in charge for the next few days, as I literally had zero energy. Whenever I would venture out beneath my warm doona, dizziness and a crazy temperature would come to visit. So back to bed I would go. The first couple of days at home were good - I ate fairy bread for breakfast and received a parcel of earrings in the mail. But when I finished my television show and finally hit the point when I got sick of myself - I just lost the plot. Emotional, bored, tired, bored and emotional would be a few words to describe me at that point. This is when I went on Twitter for two hours and did online Harry Potter quizzes. Like I'm going to take a quiz that says, "When did Victor Crumb cum to Hogworts?" seriously.

Thursday was spent reading Frankie and Necropolis and eating Mum's toasties and Dad's meatballs. Then I went online window shopping for the hunt to find a pretty 2011 diary so I'm a tad more organised than now. The next day I was feeling much better but still low on energy, and doctor's orders told me to take it easy. This meant no Warrior Night. (Sad face). Although I did manage to find a website with free One Tree Hill episodes! Yesterday I was feeling largely better so I bought Mum her birthday present and we went out for tea. I am still low on energy and can't 'over exert' myself but it's definitely an improvement. This morning I made Mum breakfast and watched her open her many presents. After church today, I had a workshop with a clown who taught us illusions which I immensely fail at. And now? My head hurts because I've been on the computer for so long and I'm going to see Eat Pray Love with Mum tonight.

So that was my week. It felt so boring throughout but now looking back it looked realtively busy. How was your week?

October 20, 2010

it's a soapy world


I've always been strongly opposed to soap operas. I dislike the false drama: the fights, the murders, the affairs and how unrealistically they are portrayed into prime time viewing. But lately, I have found one that I like, one that oddly inspires me. One Tree Hill was introduced to me by a friend and now I am rather addicted. I've watched four seasons in the past few weeks - I managed to watch a whole season in one day. Quite a few people have scoffed at me because I enjoy it; in fact one friend told me "I was too intelligent to watch it". (Which I was secretly kind of flattered about). I still find it strange that I'm a fan of a soapie, but really, who cares?

The problem with soap operas is that they make life seem far more dramatic than it actually is. It's a sense of false reality. But it's a fictional television show, of course it's false! The thing I like about One Tree Hill is that the characters are surprisingly honest with one another. I would expect the whole "she said that he said that she did that" scenario but they just go and have it out with one another. Imagine how much better our lives can be if we stay away from Facebook and texting and bitching and were just honest with other people? That we were able to say to someone that they hurt us or that we didn't particularly like them all that much anymore. There's nothing wrong with some good old face to face conflict, no matter how hard it may be. And then with that honesty, you can turn it on its head and tell people that you are proud of them and that you're glad you know them.

I spent majority of my day today watching this show, and sure One Tree Hill has its ridiculous moments. Kidnapping nannies, murdering grandfathers, pregnant teenagers, wives committing arson, crazy stalkers and everyone cheating on everyone. But under all the false drama and moneymaking entertainment, is something I think is pretty damn cool. What it has taught me is that the best things are the people you love and the dreams you have. And that you should let nothing stop you from having them, no matter what. Because nothing is more important.