December 31, 2010

oh my, what a year


I'm not particularly one to make end of year reflections and New Year resolutions, but as 2010 comes to a close, I cannot help but be thankful for the year I have had. It has been my final year at high school, I started (and continued) a blog, have developed much closer friendships, had a lot of fun and discovered more about myself and what I want for the future. My life has never been bad, but after this year it has been a whole lot better. When I declared "Happy New Year!" 365 days ago, I never expected to this appreciative of how those days have gone. There has been no major experience or epiphany that has made this year great - it has simply been all the little things.

I've had reasonably solid relationships throughout the past couples of years, but they were never what I fully wanted, I suppose. Now however, they are more than I ever wished for, (as corny as that sounds). I am so much closer with my friends from school and have gained and grown many other friendships. I have a bunch of girls that I absolutely LOVE to death and would do anything for. I am so thankful for all these girls and especially a couple who make life so much more fun and easier through their friendship. It still astounds me how tight I am with them.

I have never been a fan of the term 'best friends' but now I actually understand it. My oldest friend and I have always been close, but this year our friendship has started to mean a lot more to both of us. We go to school (we are a grade apart), work and church together and pretty much see each other seven days a week. Surprisingly, we don't get sick of each other. The reason I appreciate this friendship so much is the realness of it. We know each other inside and out and if we don’t see each other for a couple of days we NEED to talk to each other. I know I can tell her and trust her with anything. And also, we have a lot of fun together. She gets home from an interstate holiday today and even I'm surprised how much I've missed her.

One of the many things that I have loved about this year has been my developing interests in the writing area. In March, I started this blog and am proud to say I have kept it going and loved every minute of it! The future plans for word taxi are just to keep doing what I do and hope that more people will come to enjoy and appreciate it. In Creative Writing at school I learnt to always keep writing even if I had a brick wall blocking my inspiration, which I did for a good half of the year. I was awarded the Creative Writing subject award along with two other great writers who deserved it far more than me.

At school, I was a part of the yearbook committee which involved months of planning, writing, editing, designing, re-designing and more editing. It was challenging and at times frustrating but I couldn't have asked for a better experience to leave high school on. During the process I made some great friends and learnt more about myself and how I respond to situations. (Let's just say I'm as bossy as ever!) Looking back, I really quite miss the times in the Mac room. These experiences have shown me that my interest in print journalism as a career is a very plausible and achievable future, if I work hard towards it. This is very exciting and I know how fortunate I am to know what I want to do after college already.

Two weeks ago, after four years of tests, friendships, excursions, boredom, fights, laughter, homework and fun, I finished high school. It's crazy thinking back to Grade 7 and how far we have all come since we were much shorter and twelve years old. I enjoyed high school. Yes, at times it may have sucked, but the good has always cancelled out the bad. This year was definitely the best year of high school and that is for so many reasons, but mainly because of my friends and the confidence they have given me. I have always been quite sure of myself, but this year I have felt truly confident in myself because I have felt liked and accepted and appreciated by people at school.

There are just over twelve hours left of 2010, which does sadden me a bit. It has been an absolutely awesome year, my favourite one yet. But I know that next year will be just as good and I am very excited for college and the new opportunities it will bring. I don't have a New Year’s resolution, but if I had to pick one, it would be to enjoy next year as much as I did this, to be thankful for what I have and to always, always love the people around me.

December 21, 2010

hello again frankie


After almost two years I still purchase a copy of frankie magazine every two months, and each issue still manages to affect me in a different way. Today, I finally clasped my hands on the December/January edition that came out last week, and spent the last couple of hours lazing on the couch, flicking through the matte pages while watching teen girl movies, laughing with my family and eating packet fried rice. Frankie always leaves me with a mixture of feelings. Inspired, by the creativity on every page, motivated, to go and write down absolutely everything that’s in my head and frustrated at the lack of morals some of the writer’s seem to have.

Frankie is a magazine that has such diverse content but always keeps the same creative, nostalgic and independent feel. In the past I have casually glanced over the pages and not liked what I have seen. Obviously, the lovely people at frankie are not aiming to make me 100% happy with each issue, but there are always a few pieces I place in the weird/boring category. Numerous portraits of bearded men (facial hair, ew), Australiana inspired fashion (do I want to look like a wattle bush?) and photographs from 'our favourite photographers' that are a little too blurry to be deserving of more hierarchy than the title “happy snap”, were a couple from this issue that didn't take my fancy.

But despite a couple of negatives, this issue of frankie has done quite well, causing me to dote on (almost) every page. Anna Krien's 24 hours of brutal honesty had me laughing out loud and the moving tale of a young woman living with cancer was both poignant and inspiring at the same time. I especially like the stories of various arty types living in Berlin, as I wish to go there one day. There was an article about how being nice has been scientifically proved to improve your general likeableness. A mouth watering ice cream road test, decorated retro cameras, drawings of ducky pensioners, interesting facts about Iceland and felt typewriters gave me nice content feelings inside and made me long for cute vintage shopping and nice summers days. Odes to living in suburbia and a bit of good ol' girlfriendship made me feel happy and thankful for what I have.

All in all, this issue of frankie was rather impressive. As the welcome page hoped I would, I found my place among the pages and rather enjoyed myself.

December 20, 2010



It doesn't matter how neat and organised I can force my bedroom to be, it always manages to make itself messy again. Well, it obviously doesn't do it itself, that's just me being lazy and making my seemingly innocent bedroom take the blame. I'm not at all a neat freak, but I do have slight obsessive compulsive tendencies. Eventually, the dirty (sometimes clean) clothes and screwed up paper and ten million bobby pins and used crockery that litter every surface in my bedroom start to get to me. When it gets like this, I begin to avoid it at all costs. Until, I manage to tackle the first mound of mess and end up with a surprisingly larger bedroom. I usually have to tidy up my room quite regularly, for fear of being buried alive takes over.

I hit the point when the mess really annoys me more than a week ago, and I have refused to even begin to clean it. Now I've just gotten used to it. The main thing that annoys me about a messy bedroom is that I can never find anything. Like the other day when I needed my watch for work and spent fifteen minutes searching through the crapola while subsequently throwing a hissy fit. In one last kick of rage I swung aside some clothes and found my watch serenely laying there. Also, a messy bedroom always ensures that I have no clothes to wear. Because they're all dirty and on my floor. And when I just really need some pawpaw, and it's nowhere to be seen. The truth is, I know that I need to clean it, but I am too good at finding excuses. Like right now, I'm basically just writing about not wanting to clean my room so I can put off cleaning it for another hour or so.

I've never really understood why messy bedrooms annoy parents so much. I'm sure as Mum reads this she'll ask me "If it annoys you, why do you let it get that messy?" Really, it's just typical teenage laziness. Would I rather do one big clean up every ten days or so, or clean my room EVERY SINGLE DAY? I'll take the first option. The problem is, I don't like to do things in halves. So when I can be bothered to clean my room, I spend hours neatening drawers and vacuuming dusty carpet and finding cool stuff I thought I threw out four years ago. I had a whole bunch of friends over the other day and one exclaimed to me, "Lauren! I've never seen your room this messy!" That's because I always clean it before they come over. Basically cos I feel I have to. I don’t like cleaning my room at all, but I get over it. I like my room too much anyway.

Well - I've got a friend coming over tomorrow - better go clean my room!