January 31, 2011

teenage imposter

Wanna know a secret? I'm not really a teenager. I am clearly another specimen living in a sixteen year old body. That specimen is a cross-breed of excitable five year old and a old fashioned grandma. This thought dawned on me numerous months ago when I was shopping in town with some friends. At some shops, I would jump up and down and quietly squeal, while at others I was complaining about everything in the store. For example, the five year old: "This is cool! I WANT IT!" and the grandma: "This shop is ridiculous. Everything is the same." I vary between the two attitudes all the time. When I mentioned this belief to my best friend, she exclaimed "Oh my gosh, you so are!" I knew it.

Further evidence that I am not a teenager at all is aplenty. I never drink, not because I'm not allowed (which I'm not) but because I simply don't want to. I enjoy school and sometimes like doing my homework. Today, I got excited because I purchased my history study guide for college. I go to church and love every minute of it. My ideal night is staying home and reading (grandmother) or dressing up as Harry Potter with friends (five year old). I haven't had a boyfriend since primary school which doesn't even count anyway. I like my parents and never lie to them. And according to my friend "I have morals and self respect".

Clearly I am a bit of loser, and that is perfectly okay by me. If I wanted to go out and be a wild teenager I would. But I don't. I am nerd who likes being nerdish and I am happy being my weird combination of five year old and grandmother. I don't feel pressured to change. Life is exciting in my five year old mindset. Everything is an adventure. And life in my grandma attitude is relaxing. Nothing beats a nice cup of tea. It’s quite a nice way to live really.

January 28, 2011

soccer skills


I spent majority of this week leading at a youth camp at Port Sorrell. It was the best camp I have EVER been to (and I've been on a lot) and I felt very blessed to have been a part of it. Friendships were made and lives were changed and I think everybody went home different in some way. Hours were spent on the beach, talking in the sun, eating great food, singing as loud as we could, connecting with everyone and playing a couple of games of soccer. Just a warning, I am terrible at sport. I had brief stints with dancing, basketball and sprinting when I was younger with the only long standing athletic choice being netball which I played for about four or so years in total. A love for reading has always been a higher priority than a love for sport. But, wanting to have a bit of fun and engage in some healthy competition I decided I most well join in the soccer matches.

The camp was combined between two youth groups, one called Force and one Blast, each from a different place in Tassie. So naturally, the teams for soccer were Blast vs Force. Being a passionate member of the Blast team, for the first two games I decided to defend. Most of the time I just stood talking with my friends and the goalie until the ball came when I would run at thirteen year old boys who were quite scared they'd hurt me. I managed to play a total of three games over two days. In the first one, I didn't manage to achieve anything except trying to stop the ball and only succeeding in letting the other team kick it in the goals. But over the next two games, I SCORED TWO GOALS. For the other team.

I am not even joking. Of course it wasn't done purposefully, more that I went to kick it away and my foot went in the wrong direction. After the first own goal I kind of redeemed myself by getting by body in the way to block other kicks and as one kid told me, "Lauren, you let a goal in but you blocked two out." In the last game we played, I thought I was doing great until I kicked a goal in my end (unintentionally) which is when I thought it would be a wise idea so go to the attacking end. This caused one of my mates and best players on the Blast team gave me the ball every chance he could, and once when this happened I kicked it in the wrong direction which caused the other team to score a goal. I found the whole shenanigan absolutely hilarious and it literally had me laughing on the ground at one point. And, hey at least I gained popularity with the other team. For the rest of the game I just talked with some Force kids and tried to avoid royally stuffing up again. Towards the end of the game I exclaimed "I'm actually enjoying playing sport!" to which I got a reply: "Is talking a sport?"

January 17, 2011

let's consume!


The other day I was looking around town and admiring all the things I'd like to buy. I like shopping and I also like having enough money to spend on food, books, clothes and socialising. As it is summer holidays I find myself in town quite regularly and therefore see many things I want for my own. A pair of stripy hippy pants, a lovely red cardigan, a new bag for college and a copy of the book Paper Towns. I purchase most things with my own money, but lately that money seems to be running out rather quickly. Working two jobs apparently isn't cutting it in the funds area, as my bank account seems to get dangerously low quite regularly. I always fall into the trap of "I want this" and "I want that" and I know that I, far too often, (as you can tell from what I've already written) think like this.

We live in a society which is bred on our wants and desires and not necessarily what's best for us. This got me thinking about how all we do is consume. We eat more than we need and buy more than we want and spend our money on things that often will never be used. I'm definitely not against shopping, and I'm not against a bit of a splurge - but sometimes there is such thing as too much stuff. It was not long after considering how much stuff I have and that no, I do not need to go and buy those pants, when the flood situation in Queensland worsened.

Seeing people clutching to their cars while torrents of water threatened to push them away, made my earlier thoughts truly hit home. I do not need more stuff. There are people living in Australia who have lost their homes and maybe even their loved ones and are scared for their safety. My wants are nothing compared to their needs. The Queensland floods are currently responsible for twenty deaths. 20 does not sounds like a high number - but when you consider twenty daughters, or sons, or mothers or fathers - that number is colossal. I cannot imagine what people must be going through, and I sincerely hope that the floodwaters and death toll alike, quickly diminish.

Even after remembering there are people far worse off than me and deciding I didn't need more stuff - I went shopping. Why? Because I am a selfish human. I did give $25 to the flood appeal to have my photo taken, but I have spent a lot more than that on myself recently. Sometimes I get mad at myself for always talking about what I want and what I 'need' and then try to be more generous. But then I fail again. I know I can apologise, but frankly, the people of Queensland don’t want my apologies, they need my help.

January 11, 2011

i'll always love nancy


I have always been a huge fan of reading, and for quite a while my favourite book series was Nancy Drew. The first Nancy Drew book I ever read was called Danger on the Great Lakes, in which Nancy and her two best friends go on a cruise on which they uncover a diamond thief. I was about nine or so when I read this and I didn't even realise it was a NANCY DREW novel until I hired out many more from the library a year or so later. An obsession soon followed and I would spend every minute of my spare time reading the books written by (the pseudonym) Carolyn Keene. I loved getting lost in pages of danger, fun and mystery as Nancy, the amateur detective, solved every case she came across.

The Nancy Drew books have been published since the 1930's with edited and new versions emerging from the sixties until the present day. When I first started reading them there were only two series available at the ready: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories and The Nancy Drew Files, along with some teaming up with the Hardy Boys. These series are absolutely brilliant and what I call the REAL Nancy Drew. A couple of years ago they created Nancy Drew Notebooks, which are stories of Nancy solving mysteries as a child and Girl Detective in which Nancy is much more fickle and selfish. Both these series are exponentially lame and un-Nancy like. I own only four Nancy Drew books myself, I wish it was more. Maybe I should start a collection!

In some ways, Nancy was a role model to me. I almost wanted to be her. She's genuinely likeable, smart, brave and kick ass at solving mysteries. Any trouble that came up in her hometown of River Heights, Nancy could be trusted (along with her best friends Bess and George) to get to the bottom of it. She has lovely long-term boyfriend named Ned Nickerson who would be there to save her if she needed it, which consequently didn't happen all that often. Nancy is famous for mysteries always finding her. Any holiday on which she would venture, an unsolved mystery would arise within hours of her arrival. There is no case that Nancy can’t solve.

I have always been a very curious person - wanting and needing to know more about everyone and everything. In some ways I thank Nancy for this, because reading the books has made me love mystery. For old times’ sake I searched Nancy Drew in the library catalogue and saw that I had read almost every title. It made me smile.