February 22, 2011

life worth


Sometimes I think we can forget the worth of life. Our vision can become so clouded that we don't see the goodness. And there's nothing wrong with that. Life can often fail us. When what we expected is something entirely different to what occurred. When we think it'll be a good week and it's not. When life just doesn't add up. Sometimes it can be hard to see the point. But it will always be there. Life is crazy. We never know what's gonna hit us next. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Even when the reason can be hard to find.

Despite the loss and hurt and suffering we see in the world, there will always be cause for celebration. I think the biggest celebration is that we have life. Everyone gets life, even if for a short period of time. We get to learn and have friendships and enjoy ourselves and be who we are. We get to love and laugh. Even when it seems like life will never get out of that ditch we may have found ourselves in, there is always hope. There is always something better. Life is always worth living.

I never want to forget the worth of life. The worth of each person's life. From now on I'm going to value life extremely highly. I'll be thankful for the good, but I'll also be thankful for the bad, because that is what helps us to become a better version of ourselves. A wise person told me today to always make the most of every moment and to appreciate those we love. I think that should be Rule Number One for living life. The world would be a much better place if everyone knew how much they were loved.

February 14, 2011

the best summer ever

On the last day of school last year me and my friend Lizzy decided we should write down everything we wanted to do this summer. 'The List' was born. It has been lovingly stuck to my wall for the last two months and every time we decided to hang out I would check to see what else needed completing. We managed to do everything except two things, and I am immensely proud of our effort. Here's the list:

Harry Potter Marathon - completed in the first week of holidays whilst wearing our round glasses, but we only got through the first three movies.
Opshopping - Lizzy had never opshopped before, so Mum and I took her one rainy morning and the success rate was not too bad.
Dye Liz's Hair - I dyed it for her once but she did for herself a million other times!
Charlie Night - Where Lizzy, Tegan and I had a sleepover and copied many of Charlie McDonnell's videos which included eating baby food, painting our faces purple, dyeing Lizzy's hair ranga and eating fish fingers with custard.
Breakfast - Last week I took Lizzy out for pancakes because I couldn't make her birthday brunch.
Camping - We kind of ran out of time on this one and it was raining, so we just set up my three man tent in Lizzy's lounge room.
Doctor Who - Neither of us had ever really watched it so that had to go on the list. We only got through about two episodes of a Christopher Ecclestone season until we got distracted. We'll try again with a better series.
Cocobean - This is a chocolate shop in town, and although we didn't eat or drink anything there, we bought a $2 armband each.
One Tree Hill - I've lost count of how many times we watched this, seeing as between us we got given three seasons since Christmas. We both love it.
Beach - Tegan and I were invited to stay at the beach with Lizzy's family. We had a lovely time swimming, watching movies and eating junk.
Star Wars Marathon - This was not my idea at all but it was fun when we did it with a bunch of friends last weekend.
Paint - We bought $4 canvases from Chickenfeed and then used oil paints we already had to create masterpieces. Mine is pictured above, and it is a visual representation of my summer. As you can tell I'm a shocking artist but it was fun nonetheless.

The only two things that we didn’t manage to complete were a picnic and an all-nighter. But I think we did pretty well. Aside from the great fun the list was, I've enjoyed myself immensely doing other stuff too. Christmas at home was awesome and it's always nice to hang out with my family. My New Years Eve Harry Potter night with Sarah was the best thing ever and me and her have had many other sleepovers and late night talks. Regularly eating McDonalds. Late night trips to Kmart with my brother and his girlfriend. The many many times I have been shopping. The 17 books I manage to read. Eating out with Mum and Dad. Sleeping in. Starting a new job. My new red bookshelf and increasing book collection. Swimming at the dam. Picnic with the girls from church. Spending time with friends. Festivale. Watching Dexter. And Camp. Summer Camp was absolutely the highlight of everything. I have loved every minute of my holidays and will miss it a lot. Here's to the best summer ever.

February 8, 2011

learn to fly


I've never been a fanatical music lover. Sure, I enjoy a good tune but I am not one who lives for music like many of my friends. Besides childhood S Club 7 tastes and a bit of a 1940's jazz a couple of years ago, I mostly prefer the peace and quiet. But one song I will always love is Blackbird by the Beatles. It was probably the first Beatles song I got in to and I know a few people who play it beautifully on the guitar. The other day I was listening to it and for the first time I properly listened to the lyrics. All of a sudden I knew what the song meant. Well, at least to me.
The first thing I thought of was heaven. It talks of flying into the 'dark black light' which symbolises death. When our bodies finally give up and our spirits go elsewhere. I don't know about you, but I believe in heaven and hell and that they are the only two choices. Our spirit will go to either and that is where we will spend eternity. Which is forever. Where we go does not depend on whether we are a good or bad person, but whether we know God. I know that the whole 'after life' thing sounds like a whole load of bollocks, but to me it is truth. I acknowledge that everyone has different opnions and beliefs and I respect that. What a boring place the world would be if we all thought the same thing!
The song says that 'we were waiting for this moment to arise, waiting for this moment to be free'. Because I think in heaven is when we will be truly free. When there is no hurt or pain or loss. Just freedom. Blackbird talks of learning to fly with broken wings and learning to see with sunken eyes. All I can associate this with is Jesus. How else can we truly fly? Or truly see? Because unless we fly into the light, our life will be forever in darkness. And I don't know about you, but I certainly do not want to have an eternity in darkness.