March 31, 2011

the simple things

I found this lovely tumblr and it made me smile. It's so easy to get caught up in the suckiness of life instead of appreciating the small things that sometimes go unnoticed. I think it's a great thing to think about the simple things that make life better. Here are some of mine:

Cups of tea. Waking up and realising you have longer to sleep. Laughing fits with friends. Getting an A. Belting out the One Tree Hill theme song at the top of your lungs. Looking through childhood photo albums. Old books. New books. Finishing an assignment. The random things kids say. Coming home and finding out Mums' been to the supermarket. Orange nail polish. Turbulence. Making people smile. Being called a nickname. Dancing to S Club 7. Falling asleep to the rain. Talking with Dad in the shed. Dressing up as Harry Potter. Hysterically playing boardgames. Swings. Chasing the dog. New shoes. Freshly brushed teeth.

Being appreciated. Finding out something's cheaper than you thought it was. Birds chirping. Converses. Learning the definition of a new word. Road Trips. Private jokes. Feeling inspired. Listening to Nanna talk. High fives. Jumping into a pile of leaves. Drinking raspberry lemonade through a straw. Connecting with someone new. Seeing an old friend. Lying down in random places. Talking after inhaling helium. Finding something for $2 at an opshop. Eating bacon and eggs with the family. Winning Mario Kart. When your favourite show is on TV at exactly the right time. Macca's runs. Compliments. Air drumming to Paramore.

Baby's laughing. Movies that make you cry. Red pens. Stripy socks. Being pleasantly surprised. Retro bed linen. Staying up til 2am finishing a ridiculously good book. Hello's. Goodbye's. Finishing everything on a to-do list. Wearing your favourite perfume. Sales. Being so excited you can't sleep. TV marathons. Giving someone a present. Secret handshakes. Dizzy wizzys. Running into the waves. Talking on the phone for hours. Knitted jumpers. Summer Camp. Being in a team. Thinking of an awesome idea at exactly the same time as another person. Getting mail. Using up every page in a notebook. When someone says the exact thing you needed to hear. Catching someone's eye in a serious moment that is actually very funny. Picnics. Running in the rain. Laughing.

Let's not forget to appreciate the little things in life. What are yours?

March 23, 2011

great expectations


Expectations. Life would be drastically different if they didn't exist. Expectations from parents, friends, teachers, the government, strangers. Everywhere we go there will be expectations placed upon us. We're expected to conform into a specific mould of what a young person should be. The thing is, everyone has a different opinion of what that is. Lately at school in numerous subjects, I've been looking at Nazi Germany, and obviously about how Hitler had full control. The expectation was for you to conform to exactly what this man wanted. If you went against that, the result would be death. But people still challenged it. They went against the status quo because they believed it worthy to fight for what they believed or what they didn't believe.

I sometimes wonder who I would've been in Nazi Germany. Would I have been one of the millions who believed Hitler's claims that he would 'make Germany great'? I hope not. Would I have been sent to a concentration camp? Probably. Would I have gone against the rules? Expectations to conform were so high during this time. We are fortunate how we live today. But it doesn't mean expectations have ceased to exist. Really it's all the same, but this time it's not one man, it's everyone we know. Sometimes expectations are a good thing. But it's when we let them control who we are that it's not.

My parents expect me to be honest. If I'm honest, it's because I choose to be. As a teenager I'm expected to go out and get drunk. But I don't, because I choose not to. In high school, some teachers expected me to go for prefect, but that was not something I wished to do, so I chose not to. The government expects me to do well in school. I try to, and that's because I choose to. I try not to conform. I'm not saying that you should do whatever the heck you want, because there will always be rules that need to be followed. What I'm saying is, don't let people control your life with their expectations. That can take you down a very dangerous path. Make your own choices. Don't conform to what others want. Go against the status quo. Because you can change anything.

March 16, 2011

book or movie?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Written by J.K Rowling/ Directed by Chris Columbus

I love Harry Potter. The books especially. The movies usually infuriate me - because they get so much wrong. But Chamber of Secrets is pretty darn good. It's my favourite story of the earlier four, and I enjoy watching it, as I do reading it. I love the opening scene with the ever annoying but cute Dobby making a ruckus while Vernon Dursley tries to make the deal of his career, with Harry later being saved from imprisonment by red-heads in a flying blue Anglia. Pure Gold. The one thing the movies usually get wrong is young witches and wizards using magic outside of school, despite it being forbidden. When Harry said he couldn't use magic to get Hedwig out of her cage I nearly cheered, but then Hermione used "Oculus Reparo" on Harry's glasses in Diagon Alley. Did I hear someone say contradiction?

Perhaps the best likeness between book and film is the character of Gilderoy Lockhart. Completely conceited and naive, from his Witch Weekly award winning smile to his unsuccessful spells, Lockhart is the same from paper to screen. As cringe worthy as he is, you cannot deny his style. To be honest, there were only a mere few stuff ups with the storyline in the movie. Harry first hearing the Basilisk while in detention with Lockhart instead of after Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday Party. Filch finding Harry and Ron when they arrived at Hogwarts instead of Snape. Lack of brawl in the film between Mr Weasley and Lucius Malfoy. McGonagall telling the students about the Chamber instead of Professor Binns. And then there was perfect detail - the circumstances of the petrifying’s right down to messages and mirrors, the spider adventure into the Forbidden Forest, Ron's faulty wand, Percy acting oddly because of his secret Ravenclaw girlfriend and the name of the potion book in which the polyjuice potion recipe was found. There was definitely far more correct than wrong. I am quite proud of the screen writer of this particular Harry film.

So which was better? The book. I'm sorry, but the books are always better. For you people who consider yourself a Harry Potter fan because you love the movies, one, you're not a Harry Potter fan unless you've read the books, and two, the books are Harry Potter. You're simply missing out. But despite my bias towards the novels, Chamber of Secrets is a pretty good movie. Some lines were even exact quotes from the book which made me incredibly happy. If you're ever wanting to know about the Chamber of Secrets story, go the book. If you want a bit of entertainment (with over-acting from Rupert Grint), go the film. Both worthwhile. Both offer something different. Both Harry Potter. But the book's better.

March 14, 2011

birthday time!


As surprising as it is, word taxi turns one on Wednesday! It's gone insanely quick, and I'm pretty proud that I've kept a blog going for a whole year. It has been great finding my place as a blogger and getting positive feedback. I'm not going to go into it very much, but I'd just like to thank my friends and family and the randoms who read my blog regularly. Without that support, I might have given up a while ago. To celebrate the birthday I'm going to watch my favourite movie and eat my favourite food with friends. Also I'm going to review another Harry Potter book and movie like I did for my very first post on March 16, 2010. I'm definitely planning to keep word taxi going over the next two years, and who knows where the future will take me. Let me know if you have opinions or suggestions for content/ideas for me to post on, as it's always interesting to know what people think! Thanks so much to everyone who reads word taxi. Happy 1st Birthday!

March 8, 2011



Google tells me that today is International Women's Day. So, if you're of the female gender, congratulations for being a woman! This rather feminist celebration got me thinking about the things about girls that I am not entirely proud of. As the decades have progressed, women are considered as more and more equal to men, which is wonderful. But sometimes it seems that some girls are more bloke-ish than boys. The days of teenage females saying please and thankyou and keeping their knickers covered are long gone. Being ladylike isn't 'cool'.

The dictionary defines a lady as, "a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken." Sadly, there are not too many of these. Some girls deem it far more necessary to swear at the top of their lungs and blow smoke in everyone's faces, than actually use some manners. And the flirting. Sure, a bit of flirting with the guy you like has no harm, but coming onto every guy you know? Seriously. Posting photos of themselves in bikinis on Facebook. Smothering their faces in make-up. Wearing tights as pants. Jumping from one boyfriend to the next. Girls wonder why the boys they know and date don't treat them with any respect - it's because when you do stuff like that, you're saying you don't want it. And any guy who likes a girl because of how she looks or how attainable she is, is definitely going to be a waste of time.

These unladylike ways frustrate me incredibly, but also make me sad. It sucks that some girls out there feel like they need to act tough, or wear make-up, or put pretty photos on Facebook to feel better about themselves. It would be so much better if these girls were ladies. Girls who spoke with confidence but politeness, had charisma but grace, intelligence but respect. I'm not saying we should go back to the 19th Century when women were covered in lace and were expected to be seen not heard. I'm saying that every girl has the ability to be ladylike and to be treated with respect. And they should. Happy Women's Day.

March 3, 2011

video games?


I don't play video games very often. Well at all, really. But I enjoy them occasionally. When I was little I can remember playing Need for Speed on the PS1 with my dad and brother and always picking the blue Corvette. My favourite track was through an autumn country road with a little town that had slow moving traffic lights. Since my days as an excellent car racer, there are really only three games I play.
Perhaps my favourite video game of all time is Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer on PS1. We've had it for a while and a couple of times in the past two years I have gotten back into it over the holidays. I absolutely suck at video games, so when I play Spyro I search cheats and make my brother do the tricky bits. I personally have never defeated Ripto. But I have fun, being a little purple dragon, collecting gems and fighting crime. Another game I enjoy is Mario Kart on Wii. Yet again, I kind of suck so I just use an old game controller rather than the wheel, as I don't really have enough hand eye co-ordination to manage that. I like going around on the various circuits, trying to beat my annoying opponents.

But one game I am actually good at is Sims 2 on PC. In primary school my friend had a copy but it was too advanced for her Windows '98 so it lived at my house, and every time she came over we played it. Highlights included making our Sims procreate as much and as quickly as possible and seriously defecting their facial features. Because I always manage to get addicted, I refuse to buy it, but I lend it from my local library on occasion. I do love Sims 2. I think I might try and play more video games. Maybe I can even get my hands on a Harry Potter one? There’s something about video games that is just good old fashioned fun.