August 27, 2011

sorting hat identity crisis

I love the Harry Potter books and have so in entirety since I was thirteen. At Hogwarts your house is your home, your family - an essential part of life while you're at Hogwarts. I've always wanted to know what house the magical sorting hat would place me in because I have never completely indentified with just one. Am I more brave, clever, loyal or cunning? Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Well I know one thing, just like Harry Potter himself, definitely "not Slytherin". To those non Harry Potter fans, you're probably incredulously wondering why I even care about what fictional house I would be sorted into in a fictional school. But it is of great importance - it would be my Hogwarts identity! So come the announcement of Pottermore at the end of June, with the news we would be sorted - boy was I excited! I would be placed in one of the four Hogwarts houses at last.

Out of the four I definitely wanted to be either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Gryffindor's are known for being brave, bold and noble, Ravenclaw's for their intellect, wit and creativity. Whenever I asked anybody, they usually place me a cross between the two, (except Mum who placed Ravenclaw second behind Hufflepuff). So I suppose I have based my Hogwarts identity as being either a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, wearing red or blue, living in a tower. I despise Slytherin as they use any means to reach their goal and while I respect Hufflepuff's for their loyalty and fair play, I've always classified them as a bit weak and dumb.

I got my Pottermore welcome email yesterday morning and was so bloody excited that I postponed my hair drying and breakfast eating and nearly missed the bus. After buying my school supplies in Diagon Alley and travelling on the Hogwarts express; it was time to be sorted. To be honest, the sorting ceremony was the one thing that I was looking forward to about Pottermore. For so long I've wanted to know whether I would be Gryffindor or Ravenclaw and here was my moment! After answering questions about how I want to be remembered and what I'd do if a troll wanted to fight me and my friends, I was at last sorted. You can imagine my reaction when I saw this:

Yeah. Not very happy. I have nothing against Hufflepuffs, but I never wanted to BE one! I've always called them the "pussy house" because they seem to be the leftovers - those who don't fit into the rest of the houses. The 'friendly' ones. After the Pottermore sorting you receive a welcome letter and notes from J.K Rowling. While my welcome letter was quite lovely and called me "decent, good and tenacious", the J.K notes were about the Hufflepuff common room which reminded me THAT IT WAS NEVER IN THE BOOK. Did someone say reject? So I moped and was in denial about my Hufflepuff-ness and avoided Pottermore. On one Facebook status when I informed someone of my house they said, "Oh no! How are you coping with this?" In other words: you're now lame.

I signed up on the first day of the Pottermore Magical Quill Challenge and then again on the second day, before I realised you're only allowed one account. So my master plan was to wait for my second account to be welcomed and pick my second answers for the questions I was unsure about. I decided that whatever house I got the second time I would just accept it. I like my second username better (QuillFeather164) and this morning I received the email for my second account. After going through the sorting process again I was a... Hufflepuff. I'm having a Hogwarts identity crisis. Ultimately I think my first preference was Ravenclaw as I am most jealous of them. My best friend got into Gryffindor, most Pottermore users I know are Slytherin and I know no other Hufflepuffs. I really don't want to care, but I so do. It's a bit sad seeing this is about a fictional book series, but for once we all get to see what it'd be like if we were really at Hogwarts.

While being in Hufflepuff makes me feel like a loser I've decided to (regrettably) accept it. J.K Rowling formed the quiz herself, and if I've been put in Hufflepuff twice, that means I'm a Hufflepuff. To be completely honest, in real life I'd want to be a Hufflepuff, but at Hogwarts it's so lame. (Cedric Diggory and Gilderoy Lockhart prove my point. But Tonks was a Hufflepuff! On Pottermore, we're also losing the house cup). Despite believed to be a tad dim-witted, the traits of a Hufflepuff are loyal, patient, hard working and fair. I don't know about you, but I'm okay with the sound of those. I think that being a good person means far more than bravery, intelligence or cunning and while I would much rather be a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor, I accept that I'm a Hufflepuff. Even though I don't want to.

I'll be talking more about the actual Pottermore experience itself on Hello Noise in the coming weeks. Fellow Pottermore users: are you happy with your sorting?

August 24, 2011

hi, i'm lauren

Feeling a bit self indulgent and found this "favourites post" of sorts and thought it'd be a bit of fun even if a bit boring for you to read. Now I introduce seemingly random details about myself...
One thing in your wardrobe you can’t live without: Blue jeans.
Describe your personal style: Comfortable, unique, opshop, red
Favourite items: Converses, sweaters
What do you like about fashion: Being able to interpret yourself through clothes. If what I'm wearing doesn't reflect me and my ‘style’ I'll feel weird all day.
What do you dislike about fashion: How so many people just wear trends when they clearly don't suit their body or personality.

Style Icons: Alexa Chung (but add some colour).
Favourite authors: Roald Dahl, J.K Rowling
Muse: Nancy Drew
Best friend: Sarah Jesson. Every time we hang out I remember why.
Hero: Sophie Scholl
Favourite character: Tough choice but probably Ginny Weasley. In the books that is.

Favourite place: I love my bedroom, but it's too hard to pick a favourite place!
Favourite restaurant: Burger Got Soul
Go-to shopping destination: Myer, Salvo’s opshop
Favourite online retail shop: Modcloth
Favourite international travel spot: I've only been to New Zealand but it's exceptionally lovely.
Favourite city: Melbourne. I’m gonna live there one day.

Talismans: Anything on paper. Movie tickets, notes people have written etc. all gets stuck on my wall.
Influences: Mum and Dad, God.
Something no one knows about you: I sometimes worry that I'm that annoying friend everyone just pretends to like.
Favourite subject: English
Biggest indulgence: Shopping when I can't afford it.
Pet peeve: People randomly singing. Drives me nuts!
Best purchase: My Nikon D90
University: Hopefully Swinburne in Melbourne in 2013.

Food & Drink
Favourite food: Chicken burgers and doughnuts
Lunch today: Mi Goreng noodles
Tea: Lady Grey
Coffee: No thankyou
Favourite drink: Water, raspberry lemonade
Snack: Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream Chips

Book you’re currently reading: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
Favourite books: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Bible, Paper Towns by John Green, Raincheck on Timbuktu
Favourite movie: Juno
Websites you always check: Facebook, Twitter, Mamamia, Hello Noise
Favourite song: Don't have one but I'm a sop for Everything by Michael Buble
Best show on TV: The Amazing Race
Favourite magazine: Yen

August 19, 2011

the winter blues

It's almost guaranteed that I will get sick at least once in winter. And in the past week I hit the jackpot. I won’t go into details cos it’s blatantly uninteresting but I did lose my voice for quite some time. It amazes me how people say “Oh, have you lost your voice?” or “Are you sick?” when it is quite clear that the answer is YES to both stupid questions. My feelings towards winter are quite indifferent. I like summer but I hate it when it’s too hot so I always look forward to winter. But then winter is long and cold and boring. I’m more an autumn and spring kind of girl. The end of winter is nearing and I am so excited. Winter is lovely at first, but by August I think that everyone is just over it. Call it vitamin D deficiency but I just long for sunny days. They can drastically improve anyone’s mood.

The possibilities seem endless when the sun is shining. In winter, life is usually made up of oversleeping, movies, homework, sweaters and cups of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those things and even talking about them makes me appreciative of winter. But I just miss sunny days where it is so much easier to get out of bed and make the most of your day. I haven’t been to school this week, so I feel a tad out of touch with reality. I think I’ve just got a case of the winter blues. Tiredness, laziness and zero motivation. Does ignoring your school work sound familiar to anyone?

There are numerous cures for the winter blues. Watch countless episodes of your favourite television show *cough* *One Tree Hill* *cough*. Shamefully I’m onto my fourth season within less than a month. Sleep, Strepsils, Aloe Vera tissues. Lady Grey in a red stripy mug. Apples and chicken curry. Water. I seriously have drunk my body weight in the stuff. Books and blogs that make you laugh. When I was feeling miserable earlier in the week, one of my friends dropped a DVD and my history folder at my home and just said hi. It was so lovely and made me feel so much better. Even just a nice Facebook message can make all the difference. Let people look after you. But most of all have fun. And look after yourself. I think we could all be a lot healthier and a lot happier people if we just cared more for ourselves, and others. Find a hobby and do it. Kick those wintry blues in the butt until the sun starts shining again.