January 31, 2012

dear future lauren

It has just hit me (again) that this year is my last year of school. January went so quickly, I know that the next 11 months will probably hurry by at a similar speed. The other day my friend Georgia and I were talking about where we think we'll be in ten years so I thought I would write myself a letter to the future me in ten years time, 27 and 3/4 year old Lauren.

Dear Future Lauren,

First of all, I hope you're not dead yet. That would be a bit morbid wouldn't it? So if you're not dead, well done! You made it. 

So saying you're still alive, I hope that your beliefs and your faith have only grown stronger in the last ten years. It's the most important thing now, and that better not have changed. And if it has - get it back.

I wonder what your job is. I'm hoping for a journalist or an editor or an author. Maybe all three. I know that as long as you're writing you're going to be okay. Do you love writing as much as you did ten years ago? Words never cease to astonish me. I can't even fathom how simple letters can transform thinking and create ideas and universes and stories. It can be so immensely frustrating when the words don't work, but boy when they do...

You better have written a book by now. Actually scrap that. You've written two novels and compiled two works of non-fiction, all of which are published. And you're writing your third book now. Which will also be published. To be honest, I hope you've written more than that already, but I don't want to be too na├»vely ambitious. Regardless of how many books there may be, in the next however many years of your life after you're reading this - you are going to write more. 

And not just books. You are writing blog posts and columns and opinion pieces. But however many words to your name, remember that they are not just from pen and ink

Please don't tell me your opinions have dwindled in any way. Being opinionated not only makes you more tenacious, but it can add a lot of fun to an otherwise boring situation. Promise me to always fight for what you think. That is one of the most important things. Never compromise your thoughts, opinions or beliefs. 

So marriage by now? I think yes. No kids yet though. They'll come soon. Your husband better be everything you wanted. Someone who loves God just as much (if not more) as you do, someone intelligent and bold and opinionated. Someone who is not afraid to stand up to you - which I know you need. Someone who makes life an adventure that is always worth exploring. Someone who inspires you. Someone tall and in your eyes, extremely good looking. And a bit of love wouldn't go astray either. 

Have you seen the world? By golly I hope so. Tasmania was a great place to grow up, but after Melbourne (or maybe Sydney) for uni, I hope you have gone to the places you wanted to go. Don't become stagnant in staying. Go to Berlin, Israel, Mexico, New York, India, live in London. And that's just the start. Travel and see the world. If you already have, I'm sure it was epic. Go and do it again. 

Out of everything I hope you're happy. And when you're not, that you're trusting you will be. Whatever crap comes your way, remember the only one who can truly fix whatever your feeling. Make sure you're doing what he wants you to. Read lots of books, go easy on yourself (I hope your better at that now that you've had ten years to work on it!), surround yourself with family and friends. And always do your best. 

Life is like a puzzle. Everyday you add a new piece. So you better be choosing to add good pieces. I don't want to be picking up the slack when I see you again in 2022.

Go on and make me proud.

Love, Lauren